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  • Seahorse

    15" Resin pour seahorse on 1/2” oak or maple plywood. Hand cut, 100% handmade.

    Each one is hand poured in small batches by myself in my home studio, each one different.

    Color may sligthly differ from the picture

    • Description


      • 1/4" oak plywood
      • Diamond pigments
      • ProMarine resin

      ALL my work is made in my home studio in Florida, by myself.  

      Nothing is made in China.

      Thank you for choosing this item from my collection; a complete handmade process, each unique.

      Please note that high quality doesn’t mean perfection. Though I take very special care during all the different stages, occasional small imperfections in the product, would be considered as proof of being a unique handmade object.


    • Return And Refund

      15 days return and full refund except for shipping cost, if not satisfied

      Buyer pays for return shipping

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